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Bite and Cure is a comprehensive health guide giving knowledge and tips which pave the way to a more fit and healthy body in a simple and easy way.

Ahmed Taha

Ahmed Taha

Founder and Author

Hello everyone,

I’m Ahmed Taha, an Egyptian freelance blogger, content writer, editor, and social media¬†erudite with an ongoing experience since 2011.¬†In addition, I am holding a BSc degree in pharmaceutical sciences from Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, Egypt.

My major interests are reading and keeping up with new stuff in technology. On the other hand, I have an endless passion for internet that kept me moving on forward to learn many things so far. I believe internet will always be a handy tool which can profoundly serve the learning process.

My Blogging Story..

Phase 1

Being passionate with internet¬†made me crazy about building websites. Exploiting my¬†motive into action¬†was¬†to grub coding languages and digest them. Frankly, to learn coding¬†and be a real¬†webmaster needs effort and patience. Later on¬†by coincidence, I heard about¬†‘blogging’. I have chosen to dig this way too because of curiosity.¬†My¬†path was slightly deviated¬†and¬†became like a pursuit to learning blogging instead. The first pragmatic step was launching many non-specific niche blogs¬†in¬†August, 2011.

Phase 2

By time,¬†I’ve learnt a plenty of stuff about blogging and gained more skills that made me¬†more professional. I¬†decided it’s time to proceed to the next level¬†and that was¬†ceasing the phase ‘non specific niche blogging’. Consequently, I¬†braced up all my¬†previous experiences into building a health blog based on one of my¬†big passions and college studies¬†at the same time. I¬†launched Medicapharm¬†which was¬†a niche blog about¬†medicine and pharmacy.

Phase 3

Although Medicapharm provided amazing topics according to testimonials, I felt something was still missing. Perhaps, there were some drawbacks that needed a final inevitable¬†upgrade to be avoided. The drawbacks¬†may have included the name itself,¬†Medicapharm, that implies a very broad meaning. Another thing was not following the concept of ‘specific niche blogging’ sometimes.¬†Bite and Cure¬†is the final upgrade that¬†sums up everything very smoothly, yet effectively.

About Bite and Cure topics

  1. Diseases & Conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.
  2. Healthy eating, food safety, and good nutrition.
  3. Vitamins importance to the body and their deficiency risks.
  4. Drinks, natural smoothies, and harmful effects of processed drinks.
  5. Medications and therapies to the most common health problems and diseases.
  6. Healthy living, lifestyle, and motivation.
  7. Medical science in a simple but not trivial way.

Since the time Bite and Cure was launched, it has been getting lots of visitors from various countries around the globe and still growing in a stunning way. My life-long purpose as a maven blogger, is to ease the comprehension of topics I write about and present to all readers the valuable and useful information at its finest.

Best regards,