Motivation Guide: How to stay Positive and withstand a Mood Sabotage

Motivation is the desire to do something or attain a goal. Having a motive is one essential code one has to stick to in order to succeed. It increases the curiosity and patience to go through challenges and win them. Whereas, setting targets and having plans, make the motives last longer because one feels he’s always up to something.

When the motives acquired from the surrounding environment vanish, here should come the self-motivation. That kind of motivation is triggered mainly by two questions. Why did I start at the first place? What made me persist and hold on to it all that long? Having some fun from time to time will help break the boredom and lift the spirit up to move on.

Coming up, some inspiring tips to get motivated and boost the positivity inside you. Yet, life has a plenty to offer ūüôā

Motivation Plan

#1 Go with something new

Don’t be lazy and get involved in new experiences along with developing new¬†habits which quench the boring tone of the daily routine. Dump your excess energy into something useful such as reading or working out. Reading is not just a hobby, but also food for the brain and gives the person more value. Also, try to follow up the updates around you and focus more on the little details, this makes the curiosity about life endless.

#2 Present, as the only preoccupation, drives the Motivation

Overthinking about and living in the past impact the psychological state negatively. Many bad thoughts stem from that, like thinking I should have done this rather than that and so on. Whatever you do, you won’t be capable of changing your actions in the past. Instead, you must learn from your previous mistakes. You’re the only one who can make you happy because you know what makes you so and what you need to succeed.

Define the objectives which will make your life better and write them down on a paper arranged according to priority. Make up a plan for each objective with a realistic deadline. Stuck to the plan to make those goals come real. Remember that achieving your small goals is a great motivation to achieve the big ones.

In this sequence, achieving the goals one by one will make you feel more positive and can do anything. Spontaneously, your mood gets up as your brain releases serotonin, the happiness trigger. So always smile because the frown face will bring nothing but grief. What you plant today is what you get by the next day.

#3 Stand out and show your mentality

Concentrate more on your points of strength whilst getting over your drawbacks. Your charisma, skills, and ambition to succeed, altogether empower your self-confidence and pride. The better the three of them become, the more eligible you are to achieve what you aim for.

During a conversation, eye contact is crucial, else could be interpreted as a sign of inferiority and uncertainty. Looking at your conversation partner direct to the eyes indicates your strong personality and emphasize respect to the conversation partner. Believe in yourself and for sure you will be successful.

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#4 Relax

Work on accomplishing your goals, but don’t forget to have a¬†break. It helps recharge the energy, replenish the motive, and bring you back to the track quick. Some fun across the work time is ok to get over the promos and fatigue.

#5 Travel

Travelling is exciting and brings about joy. Without any doubt, it is one of the best life changing activities, through which you are able to refill your energy and refresh your mind. Besides, seeing different places and getting close to people from other cultures broaden the understanding of life. Expand your mind and appreciate the life you live because it is worth the appreciation. Plan for an abroad vacation, it’s a motive by itself.

#6 Love

Being loved by others is a motive which gives power and support. Let this love drive you forward through each moment of your life. Love your family, your friends, and the people you appreciate. In addition, be optimistic all the time and always look forward to achieving all that you want.

Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. ~Albert Einstein