Technology Negative Effects: Slaves of Smartphones and Computers!

Indeed, the power of technology has surpassed all the boundaries of the place. Specifically, the tablets and smartphones have made the daily life easier and much fun. They are the smart planners, music players, and the mates everywhere. Using a computer or a smartphone for managing and following up a business is great. But when the ‘using’ turns into ‘overusing’ for no important reasons, it becomes a sick obsession which ruins the life delight. The social communication gradually diminishes then one ends up to be an introvert and a slave to some screen!

Tablets and touch screen technology

Technology overuse consequences

  • Lack of social skills and introversion

People prefer texting or a phone call rather than meeting up. Obviously, this misses out the real life and increases the solitude from the family and friends. Eventually, such persons become less self-confident which make them afraid to meet people and go to public places.

Bad Effects on Health

  • Wrists, neck, and back pains

A long time hunching over a laptop or a phone is closely related to back, wrists, and neck pains. The human head’s weight applies extra pressure on the spine while hunching. Thereby, posture problems and back and neck pains occur.

  • Eyes and Hands problems

Staring at a screen for long hours is eye-tiring and increases the liability to have nearsightedness. In addition, too much typing and gripping the phone hard cause fingers and hands soreness.

  • More anxiety and stress

Using the cell phones has been related to being stressful, anxious, and easily distracted. Smartphone users check their phones 150 times a day on average. Overuse of the phone can lead to a phobia of being without it, losing the signal, or a dead battery.

  • Sleeping problems, bad mood, and headaches

Spending too much time on a tablet or laptop causes physical exhaustion and brings the mental wellness down. Especially phone addicts suffer disrupted sleep and often become depressed. They deprive themselves of sufficient sleeping hours which decreases their alertness and brain activity and causes headaches. More time is wasted in texting right before sleeping while in bed.

  • The trigger of many health problems

Cell phones emit radiations harmful to the body, they may lead to cancer. Sitting in front of a computer for long times encourages lethargy, thereby increases the risk of obesity.

  • Addiction means so much time wasting

Many studies revealed that the phones and social networks addiction are worse than smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Unconsciously the social networks gobble up time like monsters. By the end of the day, you will be shocked as nothing of the day’s goals is fulfilled.

Facebook logo and technology

Responsible use of Technology 

People should learn when to switch off their devices because life will never be short-handed in online conversations and electronic devices. Instead of spending a long time on a social network like facebook, hang out with friends and have a real talk. Books are also good opportunities like the internet to learn and broaden the cognition. If you liked this article, share it and visit your family, go for a walk, or do some workouts.