Walking Benefits: Weight Control and Strong Heart & Mindset [Infographic]

Walking has always been one of the habits closely related to health. What’s amazing is that it’s a non-intentional daily activity that maintains the wellness and defends against a plenty of diseases. At the first place, it helps ward off obesity, heart diseases, and strokes. Besides, the long walks are a strategy easy to implement for effective weight loss.

Walking Effects on the Health

  • Strengthens the cardiac muscle, belly muscles, and legs.
  • Keeps a good blood circulation.
  • Controls the body weight.
  • Improves the stamina and fitness.
  • Enhances the bone mass and the body balance.
  • Getting diabetes, especially type 2, will be less likely.
  • Reduces the hazards of colon and breast cancers.
  • Straightens the backbone.
  • Helps overcome the depression.
  • Gives more space for thinking and planning.

Walking Benefits

#1 A Strong Heart and Good Circulation

Walking is great for the heart as well it increases the heart rate and keeps it going at a good pace. Since it makes the heart pumps more of the freshly oxygenated blood throughout the body, it benefits all the organs. Regular walking is splendid for controlling the high blood pressure and bad cholesterol (LDL) level, hence minimizing the risks of heart diseases and stroke.

#2 Lose Weight Effectively

Hiking is a plain activity, yet efficient to shed big pounds of the body weight. Both a regular activity like walking and eating healthy food are the key factors to losing weight. Also, a 30-minutes brisk walking can burn up to 200 calories, which are kilograms dropped off the body weight.

Food supplies the body with calories of which around 2500 calories (for an average person) are the basic requirement at rest. Whereas, the extra calories beyond the body requirement go for any exertion done, otherwise stored as fats. Lose weight while walking more productively by eating foods with little calories so that there will be no much of the extra calories. This implies to eat more organic foods from vegetables, green leaves, and fruits than carbs and fats.

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• Use the Mayo Clinic calorie calculator to know your daily body need of calories.

Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes prior to hiking. The shoes should be a bit larger than your real foot size to ensure there is no feet pain.

#3 Less Prone to Diseases

Walking has been proven effective to keep off diseases like diabetes, particularly, type 2, colon cancer, and osteoporosis.

People Walking

#4 A Fruitful Mindset

As walking keeps a good blood circulation, it makes the brain lustier. This permits more mental capacity and physical endurance. It gives more space for deep thinking, thereby helps to come up with and develop ideas and plans. Regular walking makes the memory more robust, especially for the elderly who are more predisposed to dementia.

#5 More Happiness

Walking acts as a natural remedy for the bad moods and maintains a good psychological state. It helps increase chemicals called endorphins that decrease the pain feeling and induce the positive feeling. This is much beneficial to reduce the stress and anxiety and give rise to positive thoughts.

Eat right, make workouts part of your routine, and watch the difference. 🙂